[HOT] Important Information for New Comers (Pin Post)

Social Platform for Taxishare

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Monthly Promotion for Taxishare

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Official Office for Taxishare

1) Woodlands Industrial Park @ 60 Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757705

Operating Hours:

8.30am to 5.00pm

2) Driver Career Centre @ 46 Kim Yam Road, #04-15, The Herencia, Singapore 239351

Operating Hours:

8.30am to 5.00pm

Checking of Valid TDVL

Please note that it is an offence to drive without a valid TDVL. Click here to check your TDVL expiry date.

Giro Activation

Visit either office and bring the following materials for activation:

- Bring down the physical DBS / POSB ATM Card

- Write down the correct account number (not the debit 16 card number)

- ensure the account is yours and is a legit account

- Fill up the Giro activation form

Staff Pass Registeration

Visit either office or do it at home:

- Passport size photo

- visit this website and fill up accordingly: http://tiny.cc/taxishare

- Pass will be mailed to your address

Esso Card Registration

Visit either office and fill up the Esso Card Registration Form.

- 18% discount for Diesel

- 16% discount for Petrol

Links to FAQ

Visit Here for more FAQ

Reporting of Cleaning / Vacuum issues

Visit Here to make a report

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