[HOT] Monthly SMRT Taxishare Promotion

Monthly SMRT Taxishare Promotion EDM / Flyers

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March promotion EDM/Flyer

*New Promotion*

Multiple day (Daily Rate) and weekly (Weekly Rate) in a single booking.

- Daily Rate (e.g. Book 1 to 6 days) - It will be based on Promotion (2) rates for daily rates.

- Weekly Rate (e.g. Book 7 days straight from any day on wards) - It will be based on a promotional* rate at $637 / week (7 days) inclusive of cleaning fee. 

*Usual rate for weekly booking rate is $966/week. With March launch promotion, it will be based on $637/week.

Do note for weekly rate, it will have to be based on 7 days in a row and any break in between, it will be based on daily rate calculation. Do refer to the guide of booking scenario for more information.

Promotion (2)

Daily Rate (Per Day)

Monday & Tuesday @ $90

Wednesday @ $100

Thursday @ $105

Friday & Eve PH @ $115

Saturday @ $100

Sun & PH @ $80

*Hours Clocked under daily rate will not be computed for Tiered  Rebate Scheme*

Promotion (3)

Tiered Rabate Scheme

Casual Tiered  Rebate from $0.35/hr (80-99 hrs) to $0.50/hr (100-149 hrs)

Flexible Tiered Rebate from $0.55/hr (150-179 hrs) to $0.65/hr (180-209 hrs)

Career Tiered Rebate from $0.70/hr (210-299 hrs) to $0.75/hr (300 hrs and above)

Promotion (4) 

AER Promotion with a maximum cap at $10 / booking!

Drive with a peace of mind.

Promotion (5)

Refer a friend and receive $25 incentives! No limits! 

Your friend will be able to receive these benefits as well!

- New Taxishare partner will enjoy free $50* with a top up of his first $1

- New Taxishare partner using your referral link to register will receive $25 (you will receive $25 too!)

- New Taxishare partner (including yourself) will not be required with Security Deposit of $100 at the moment as it is temporary waived till further notice.

*New Changes*

- Cleaning fee of $0.40/hr will be included in your bookings with a maximum cap of $6

(Full session includes an exterior car wash and interior vacuum service worth $11.

*Limited to 1 cleaning session per booking and may choose to wash, vacuum or both.

No payment is required at the cleaning kiosks.

January Promo

February Promo