1. Pls do away with this cleaning surcharge thing. Most taxis are still dirty inside out. BTW. Who will rent a taxi on hourly basis ànd have it washed and cleaned. I'm sure there are other alternatives. 2. What happen to the smaller nominations for top u

Fully agreed..

Have at least 5 or 10 dollars top up options for convenient sake. No point having it raised to 750s. We're renting taxis not aeroplanes.

The cleaning policy is not sustainable, for several obvious reasons as well as the nature of this sharing platform. And the impression for having this policy seems like another avenue for collecting revenue. I have a suggestion, not sure how it will work. Driver to be responsible for vehicle cleanliness. Based on individual judgement, driver will decide if vehicle needs to be cleaned. If driver feels that vehicle is dirty and sends vehicle for cleaning, cleaning costs partial reimbursement be made by SMRT. Another suggestion is cleaning to be made once/week, and details will be send via the booking platform. Costs will be co-share by driver & SMRT, each 50%.