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#TAXISHAREGD event ended on 31st August 2018.

Thank you for the support!


Stay tune for more Facebook Campaigns!

Shown 10 answers from 12

[ENDED February 2018] SMRT Taxishare Facebook event (Lucky9)

[ENDED March 2018] SMRT Taxishare Facebook event (Lucky9)


Ronnie Fang
Pek Boon Hua
Bert Bc
Wilson Yeo
Wee Richard
Darren Lau
Lance Ng
Andy Tung
Alan Curzon

[ENDED 2nd April - Round 3] What a competitive #TaxishareGD event we have this round. With so much good deeds contributed by our partners, we decided to add in additional 5 merit prizes (specially for this round only). We are giving away additional $50 credits per partner. Meanwhile, stay tune as we announce the 10 winners shortly.

***The knights of #TaxishareGD (ROUND 3)***
Lance Ng
Alfonso Yee
Andy Tung Chee Heng
Alex Lim Chee Koon
Leslie Chang
Neo Nicholas
zheng caijie
Jack Li
Manan N Aizah
Lu Chengrong


[ENDED 6th APRIL 2018]
Lets start our #Lucky9 Event for April in advance (just in case you think it's April fool). Voucher will valid till end of April. (not April fool). Event close on 2nd April 2018 5.00pm. Winners to collect the ticket by 6th April 2018 at Woodlands Customer Service 757705.

What you need to do:
Step 1: Like & Share
Step 2: Tag at least a friend in this comment (best is 2)
Step 3: Comment how Taxishare helped you or bring convenience to you.

Walk away with $30 worth of Fuel coupons (5 sets of $6). Share it with your neighbors or clan created in smrt.mytalk.io (district).

T&C applies.

Past winners can join in as well.

*Thanks to the sponsors from our Fleet and Roving department*


Jerry Jerrie
Jimmy Lim
Andy Tung Chee Heng
Hendera Hakim
Tan Yoon Hong
Ben Yan



Stand a chance to WIN a pair of movie ticket and catch the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on 19 June 2pm to 4pm at Bishan Golden Village!

A total of 15 pairs movie ticket to be given out to our lucky SMRT Taxishare Partners!

How to participate?
1) Like and share this post!
2) See the T-Rex photo and fill in the blank

'' I will ________________'' (in a creativity way as much as you can!)

3) Contest ends on 11 June 23:59 hours. Winners will be announced on 12 June.

'' I will run opposite direction from the dinosaur ''

General Terms & Conditions applies:
- Not exchangeable/ transferable or refundable for credits or cash
- Partner/Driver will have to be PRESENT at the cinema / event day itself to catch the movie.
- Winners will have to present their Company pass to collect their tickets from Woodlands Depot during office hour between 13 to 18 June
- The ticket will be forfeited if not collected by 18 June 17:00hrs
- Company has the right to reject and remove the campaign at any time.
- Other T&C applies.



[Ended Round 8 TaxishareGD]