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Choose your style of ride with Strides from $30 at our new limousine counter at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Singapore.

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[08 April 2018 at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore]

Experience a Strides ride at our newly launched limousine counter in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) Singapore today! Our professional drivers are ready to take you on a luxurious ride to your destination.

Strides Transportation driver, Mr Thomas Tan Kian Lin (below image), is no stranger at RWS with the frequent daily trips he makes there. With an official limousine counter, commuters will be able to hop on to a transport right after a long, eventful day at RWS.

He said: ‘’I usually come to RWS when there are events happening and usually people are everywhere flagging for cabs, and at times it is very hard to get a cab. With the limousine counter, commuters can get a ride home faster. ‘’

#Strides #Strideslimo #RWS #limousines #Sentosa